Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc.

Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc. (OOW)

In 1990, OOW began manufacturing firearms and ordnance for supply to different foreign and domestic government agencies. This capacity has expanded steadily over the years due to a wide base of weapon system knowledge, qualified personnel, state of the art machinery, new technology, and a commitment to excellence in both products and services.


OOW240 General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG)

The Current Issue US Military General Purpose Machine Gun, The 240, Is A Belt-Fed, Air-Cooled, Crew Served Machine Gun System Capable Of Sustained And Accurate Suppressive Fire That’s Far More Reliable Than Its Predecessor, The M60.


.50 M2HB QCB

The Quick Change Barrel (QCB) version of the M2 offers the same protection and capabilities that the classic M2 Heavy Barrel offers. It has the same cyclic rate (450 to 550 rpm), effective range (7,400 yards) and ease of maintenance.


OOW249 LMG 5.56X45 MM

The OOW 249 is the belt-fed, air-cooled, fully automatic light machine gun currently deployed by US and international forces. Since the invasion of Panama in 1989, it has proven itself in every major conflict. For over 20 years, the OOW 249 has seen every possible condition and environment and continues to come out on top.

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