Remote-Controlled Turret

The field experiences of end users have highlighted the need for a solution in which, after the vehicle has been driven to the operation zone without displaying its weapon system, all the components of the system, including the gun and electro optics, can be rapidly deployed during a hot contact and fed constantly with ammunition within the platform, and quickly retracted into the vehicle for (maintenance and repairing )necessary actions such as jamming, ammo deploying etc… in emergency situations. They also expect this solution to be cost-effective. The retractable turret system has been developed to meet these needs.


The system has a flexible structure that allows it to be powered by an external cable when the vehicle is deployed for the protection of strategically important premises such as temporary military forward base areas or border security posts.


The system can be controlled from a mobile control panel.

Control Panel Features:

MIL-STD-810G compliance

1920 x 1280 resolution, IP65 waterproof and dustproof capacitive touchscreen

Azimuth and elevation axis control with a 2-axis finger-type joystick

Ethernet-based and rodent-proof wired connection, providing uninterrupted image transmission from 25 or 100 meters

Control and camera image interface on the system, embedded control software, low-latency and high-speed communication between the mobile panel and the system (Ethernet-based)

Turret azimuth and elevation position display,

Gun connection display,

Turret position (open, closed) display,

Battery status display,

System diagnostic software

Electro-optical system, consisting of a day camera, a thermal vision camera and a laser distance meter

Mechanical Features:

The turret system is capable of rotating 540° in both directions.

It takes 6 seconds to make a complete rotation.

Once the system is activated, it takes 6 seconds to reach the position where it can shoot from within the vehicle.

The turret is connected to the base, providing ease of transport and connection. It provides no additional load to the vehicle roof.

Its muzzle movement range is from +45° to -20°.

The turret can carry all of its components, and is adaptable to any platform or machine gun.

In on-board applications, it is possible to cruise with the turret in the closed position.

Besides installation, it requires no additional capacity within the vehicle or platform on which it is installed.

It is possible to access the turret safely from inside the vehicle.

Closing the turret provides ballistic protection to the vehicle or platform on which it is installed.

It can be used in manual mode when necessary.

It can operate in a temperature range of -32° to +55°.