SH-60 Seahawk Window Gun Integration

The S-60 Seahawk mount consists of a domestically designed gun mount and a base interface that is indigenous to the mission profile. The platform requires no structural modifications for the integration of the mount.

The foldable gun mount allows FLIGHT WITH CLOSED DOORS. For M134 Miniguns, an electric switch that conforms to aviation standards that cuts the electric current to the gun is included on the mount.

Its tool-free disassembly and assembly feature ensures a VERY SHORT TURN-AROUND time.

It is suitable for 7.62mm M134 Minigun, 5.56mm PM556 Micro Minigun, and M249 and M240 machine guns.

Movement of the gun on the mount is restricted to prevent it from striking the platform when in the firing position.

A specially designed additional safety locking system is used on the mount to prevent loosening and running clearances that may occur on the mount due to vibrations from the helicopter or the use of the gun.

The floor interface is attached to the seat connection hard points on the helicopter floor with a specially designed locking mechanism. An ammunition box and battery box are installed on this floor interface.