If Technology Promises, We Turn it into Force Multipliers

Unidef is a boutique engineering firm, able to provide custom-made weapon integration solutions that meet the operational and tactical needs of the end user.

The motivation behind Unidef’s foundation was a desire to transform Turkey's dynamic small arms industry into a force multiplier by bringing together engineering applications within various disciplines.

When it comes to weapon integration, UNIDEF believes that a weapon can make a difference even when integrated into an ordinary drone. We develop integrated solutions that are designed with tactical and operational needs in mind, and with intelligently optimised technologies, to ensure perfect compatibility between the platform and the weapon system, thus creating a force multiplier by increasing the performance that end users expect from their platform in conflict environments with additional capabilities.

We believe that our work will be a leap forward for the future of the Turkish small arms industry. We develop technology not by repeating what our competitors are doing, but putting effort into the identification of new solutions.

We do not Follow, We Lead the Way

We treat each and every one of our projects as a custom-made solution for our end users. We do not follow; we show others how it should be done. Where necessary, we create usage concepts that are based on experience gained in the field, and on our projections of the future needs of our end users. We develop solutions that abide with these concepts through our R&D studies. We do not wait for a project before taking action, we make investments using our own resources when necessary. This allows us to develop truly unique solutions.

Our primary users are the Turkish Armed Forces and security forces. Providing solutions for these forces, who are engaged in operations both within and outside the borders of our country, ensures that everything we do has operational validity.

Unique among Our Competitors

We are the only solution provider in Turkey who endeavours to understand the end users’ needs, and that then transforms these needs into projects.

We are also making a difference abroad with our flexibility. The international companies who today see us as rivals due to the diversification of our projects and solutions, offer ready-made solutions to end users, and go on to carry out every change that the end user demands, resulting in considerable time and cost burdens. For us, the diverse demands of our end users are an ordinary aspect of our job.

As an additional advantage offered to end users, we provide solutions that are not subject to export restrictions or controls.

We are Ambitious

Our greatest ambition is, within the next 10 years, to become a company that performs high-level weapon integrations in our region; and to reach a position that allows us to increase our exports by developing integrated systems with our stakeholders in the sector.

We have established our targets based on two sub-strategies. We want to develop and produce light- and medium-calibre weapons with our partner companies according to a realistic schedule. We will enhance our engineering infrastructure, which is necessary for the integration of such weapons onto air, land and sea platforms, as well as our documentation management capabilities. At the same time, we will increase our capabilities in electromechanics, embedded systems, software and mechatronics – all of which are necessary for such integrations – through our subsidiary UNIROBOTICS. In short, we want to become a company that is able to produce its own weapons, to integrate them onto platforms and to develop all of the necessary smart systems.

As a secondary strategy, we aim to develop integrated systems, to offer these capabilities to the stakeholders in the sector, and to work together to create a force multiplier. We will be looking to cooperate with other light weapon producers, regardless of whether or not they are our competitors.