About Us

Unidef is the project management company in defense industry dealing with technology and know-how transfer of defense products. Unidef is also the affiliate of Khan-Arms and Canik Companies (SYS) which are respectively ones of the prominent tactical shotgun and semi-automatic pistol designers and manufacturers in Turkey.

Unidef, in the wake of its local and international project experiences and practices, ensures cost-effective, innovative and practical solutions to weapon systems integration challenges.

Our goal is to design and develop innovative gun mounts and interfaces with high quality material and fine workmanship.

Our challenge is to integrate our gun mounts and interfaces by implementing minimum modifications on our customers’ aerial, naval and land platforms.

These skills enable us to provide our customers with confidence that their weapons and platforms will operate in coordination at the highest standard.

In this respect, Unidef cooperates with the leading global solution providers.

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